Miracles Can Happen Naturally…

Chiropractic Success Stories

Brennan, Age 28

My problem first began about a year ago. I was suffering from constant headaches to the point where I was finding it hard to function. My sleep quality was also starting to diminish. I would wake up at all hours of the night with shooting pain in my lower back. It would keep me awake and impair my ability to think clearly at work. I knew about chiropractic but not how it could benefit me. After all, I blamed my headaches on poor nutrition, inadequate sleep, and dehydration - not an issue in my spine. My good friend had explained to me what chiropractic could do for me and how it could change my life. My headaches were so bad I asked her to book me an appointment. After all, what did i have to looses - except maybe headaches. Following my thorough initial exam and review of my health findings I started a treatment plan that was specialized for me to get me well. I noticed within the first 2 weeks my headaches were completely gone. Sleeping through the night without lower back pain was a blessing. I found that I had more energy, was able to concentrate for longer periods of time, and my quality of life had also improved. Chiropractic has given me something I didn't think was possible. I am now motivated to eat healthier, exercise often, and work harder. i would definitely recommend chiropractic to others. The appointments are quick so you are not wasting time, you can go out and enjoy your day. It is important to realize that it is not normal to live in pain, discomfort or to feel sick. You do have the ability to feel fantastic, and chiropractic care get you there!

Luis, Age 29

A couple of months ago I noticed my back was hurting while I was bathing my son, and within the next couple of weeks I started having sharp pains in my lower back. My wife, who has gone to Dr. Morin for several years, insisted that the chiropractor could fix my problem. After finally taking her advice, I came in and saw Dr. Morin. I was pleasantly surprised to see how, after my first few initial chiropractic adjustments, I felt 100% better and the sharp stabbing pains started to go away! I feel better than I have in years!! Chiropractic did for me what no pain medication and rest could have resolved. I feel chiropractic treatment is important to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Yvonne, Age 48

My problem began in 1999 when I was expecting my twins. I bent over to do laundry one day and could barley stand back up. The pain was quite intense. I went to my G.P. and he prescribed pain killers - that was not an option for me. My sister-in-law referred me to Dr. Morin. After three short visits the pain was virtually gone. I have gone to see Dr. Morin quite regularly over the past 12 years and I will continue to do so. I believe maintenance is the key here. Chiropractic care has ended years of menstrual discomfort and given me better bowel function! Chiropractic has given me a remedy to health problems that I thought I just had to live with.

I think everyone could benefit from Chiropractic Care because it is pill-free, which is a great thing these days. My twins are now 11, and also see Dr. Morin and they love him! Chiropractic keeps you healthy and feeling great overall!!

Debbie, Age 50

I've had migraines for about 15 years now, and they would start out bearable then progress to the point where you can't think, your head hurts and it even hurts to keep your eyes open. My sister was telling me about how she is taking less Tylenol now because of going to see her chiropractor, so I thought I would give it a try. On the T.V. that the office has in the rooms, I noticed it talked about this one lady whose migraines went away and I realized that I hadn't had one since going to see Dr. Morin. I think I noticed them gone after 2 weeks of going to see Dr. Morin. I think going to the Chiropractor helps so much more than just your back!