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Foods to Soothe Digestion Problems

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on March 16, 2017

Bloating and gas can come from a variety of foods.   It can also change over a life-time.  Sensitivities change over time for a variety of reasons.  One common reason is changes in digestive enzymes.  Sometimes foods that you've consumed for a long time can become problematic to your digestive system.

I often recommend a high quality probiotic to see if a patient is missing some key gut flora before trying to eliminate foods.  If you've already tried a probiotic it's time to start eliminating foods that may be difficult for you to digest.  A place to start is dairy.  Lactose can become difficult to digest as you age.  Specifically cow milk and soft cheeses such as cottage cheese, ricotta etc.  Hard cheeses such as cheddar may still be OK.

stomach icon 2316627 1280Next you can try eliminating wheat, rye and barley.  If you notice a change there you may want to go through with a gluten elimination to see if there are any sensitivities related to this specific protein.  Remember though, just because it's gluten free does not mean it's healthier for you.  A lot of gluten free processed food is actually quite terrible from a nutritional perspective.  It's often high in corn meal, sugar etc which is not great for cattle or for you.
If the above does not help after a four week trial try eliminating, each group one by one, the following grouping of foods:

onion bulbs
broccoli, kidney beans, soybeans
apple, mango, watermelon
agave syrup, high fructose corn syrup (this should be eliminated from everyone's diet!), fruit juice concentrate
cherries, peach apricot, plum, sorbitol, erythritol

So many people pop pills and drink potions to counter these symptoms when the symptoms are simply your body talking to you.  It's your body saying, "I can't handle this!"

Listen to your body.  Dr. Darrell

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