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Hail the Kale!

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on December 19, 2016

You can just look at kale and see that it's healthy. Deep dark green leaves that have phytonutrients packed in there not to mention the fibre that can make you feel full and gives the ol' colon a good scrub on it's way through!
But how do you eat it??? It's pretty tough stuff for a salad unless you chop it quite fine. I like to braise it. I tear the leaves off the stem and throw them into a wok with a couple Tbsp. of olive oil and garlic, stir fry it a bit and then add some chicken or vegetable broth, cover it and let it steam. Add some cherry tomatoes at the very end and season with salt and pepper. 
Super easy!
My boys love smoothies! So I will add kale to them. It makes the smoothie simply taste fresh not "Kaley". Throwing a vegetable in a smoothie is awesome because you hardly taste it passed all the berries and other stuff. It just will brighten up the smoothie.
Make kale something you always throw in your grocery cart. It's one of those little things, if done consistently, can make a big difference as the years goes by. Just like getting adjusted regularly! (sorry, I couldn't resist)
Warm Regards, 
Dr. D.

(Jan. 2015)

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