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Keeping Kids Active: Why It's Important and How You Can Encourage Them

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on May 24, 2018

As parents, we’re constantly aware that we need to keep our kids active. But as daily regimens take over, it can often be hard to find time to encourage them to get active. 

However, with only 1 in 3 children being active on a daily basis and obesity in children growing at an exponential rate, it’s clear something needs to change – and fast. 

Below, we explore the overwhelming benefits of keeping kids active before showing you how easy it is to make simple changes that make the world of difference. 

The Importance of Keeping Kids Active

By making sure kids are active, we’re helping their bodies develop.


Because exercise provides the following benefits: 

  • A positive mental attitude
  • Better sleep cycles
  • Improved weight control 
  • Stronger bones and muscles
  • Less risk of developing type 2 diabetes 

Furthermore, kids who are physically active are more likely to be successful, alert, and motivated at school. And being physically adept improves self-esteem, regardless of what age you are. 

What Can You Do as a Parent?

Even though you’re already aware just how important exercise is, encouraging your children to take part in physical activities can be a whole other ball game (quite literally!). But the following steps should make this process far easier: 

  1. Choose an age-appropriate activity: If you choose something that’s a bit too challenging for them, they may quickly become bored and frustrated. Look out for local soccer, baseball, rugby, and other classes that are targeted toward your child’s age group. 
  2. Make sure they have lots of opportunities to be active: By making it as easy as possible for them to be active (e.g. taking them to sports events, taking them to the park, or buying equipment they can use at home), they’ll always have the chance to be active. 
  3. Make it fun: If exercising becomes a regimented, lackluster occasion, your child will soon get bored. Keep it lighthearted and fun so they always want to join in. 

When children enjoy an activity, they can’t get enough of it. As they learn and grow, riding a bike or attending swimming lessons will help them feel as though they’re achieving something – especially when they receive heaps of praise!

Finally, you might also want to visit your local chiropractor in Edmonton. Not only can they help with exercise advice, but they can also help identify and treat common musculoskeletal problems in children, reducing the risk of injury and developmental issues. 

To hear more about how our dedicated team can help your child (and you!) stay active, call one of our locations today. 

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