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Mind and body: The link between chronic pain and mental health

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on January 29, 2020

Pain is just the tip of the iceberg! Of course, the tip of the iceberg is what drug companies focus on with their ads of dancing puppets who miraculously straighten up after taking a drug. I’m not saying their is never time to take a medication BUT it should not be the first thing we think of to “fix” a pain. If you are taking a a medication for the same recurrent problem there is something going on beneath the surface that needs to be adressed before it gets worse! There is no such thing as “normal headaches” or “normal back pain”! Pain is your body telling you something is wrong. It’s not telling you that you are lacking acetominophin in your diet!
So the chronic pain, whether its currently being masked by a drug or not will affect your mood. The chronic pain centre is even anatomically adjacent to chronic pain centres in the brain! It makes sense that an individual with chronic pain is not as happy but when you realize that it’s even in the same area in the brain you can really see how critical it is to not sweep these issues under the rug with drugs. You’ve got to work through these issues under the guidance of a non-drug practitioner. Our non-drug approach does not get us any fancy dinners or trips from drug makers. It’s also a lot of work on for both parties to correct the problems that lie beneath the surface of that pain and we can’t send adjustments home with you in a bottle, however like any process that is diligently applied, it works.
Dr. Darrell
What is the link between chronic pain and mental health? Dr. Wayne Coghlan weighs in from a chiropractor's perspective.

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