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Seek Neck Pain Treatment and Achieve Those New Year's Resolutions

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on December 21, 2018

Do you have a list of New Year’s resolutions you’re determined to stick to this year? 

From boosting our well-being to hitting the gym regularly, many of us will create resolutions pertaining to our health. 

However, by the time February hits, 8/10 of these resolutions will have failed. 

Often, many factors prevent us from achieving a happier and healthier version of ourselves – and neck pain is one of them. 

But if you can make neck pain treatment in Edmonton a New Year’s resolution, too, there’ll be nothing stopping you from getting more active and living your life the way you want to. 

What is Causing Your Neck Pain?

A number of factors may have accentuated your neck pain, including poor posture, lifting something heavy, being overweight, or an injury. And many of these things will make it difficult for you to carry out your resolutions, like getting fit or trying a new dance class. 

Equally, while your pain may start to ease, it may also worsen so you’re not able to do even the simplest of day-to-day tasks. Neck pain also has the potential to disrupt your sleep. 

Not seeking help for this pain may make it worse, leading to the stiffness and discomfort spreading further down your back. 

How come? 

Your body will do its utmost to try and protect the injured area, meaning the surrounding muscles will also start to tense up. This reduces the range of motion in your muscle causing further pain and perhaps even tension headaches. 

What’s Involved in Your Neck Pain Treatment? 

Any pain in your neck, regardless of whether it comes and goes, is a sign that you need an effective treatment. Your chiropractor will be able to establish the cause of your pain and suggest the best possible treatment. 

Chiropractic care is proven to help with neck pain and may include manual adjustments and spinal manipulation. They may also aid your recovery with suggestions of exercises and lifestyle changes you can do at home.

A Wholesome Approach to Your Health and Well-Being 

As well as being able to target pain by treating a number of conditions, chiropractors are also able to boost your general well-being. This helps you feel in greater health and will ward off future problems, helping you make and stick to those all-important New Year’s resolutions. 

Take control of your pain and health and let our Doctors of Chiropractic be part of your New Year’s resolutions. Book your appointment today by calling us at 780-432-1400.

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