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Try a "Health Day"

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on December 19, 2016

Plan a Super Health Day! A day that you are going to do everything right. "Plan" is the key word though. You will need to go the farmers market or grocery store in advance. You will also need to plan some time for exercise, and time for reading. Take this time away from activities that do not further your health like TV or surfing the internet!
  • Step 1. Go to bed a wee bit earlier the day before your health day. Set your alarm about 20 min earlier so your not rushing in the morning. 
  • Read a positive, empowering book for 15 min just before sleep.
  • Step 2. When you wake have a glass of water and do some gentle stretching with music, not radio and certainly not TV. 
  • Step 3. Eat some organic rasperries and large flake oatmeal with some greek yogurt. Have a coffee if you usually do. 
  • Step 4. If you are off to work tell yourself, out loud that you are going to have a terrific day today. 
  • Step 5. Smile more, avoid complaining and complainers.
  • Step 6. Snack time! Enjoy some slices of cantaloupe and some blueberries with some cottage cheese.
  • Step 7. If you get enough time for lunch (and you should) go for a brisk walk or run. Then enjoy a large helping of butter lettuce salad with avacado, walnuts and sliced apple. Put on a couple Tbl. spoons of olive oil based vinaigrette.
  • Step 8. Snack on almonds or sliced peppers and hummus. The latter is a great appetizer before dinner or to hold you over while you exercise as well.
  • Step 9. If you havn't done it in the morning or at lunch then do it now! Exercise for 30 min. 
  • Step 10. Enjoy wild salmon with Kale or steamed green beans. Either will go well with flax oil on top and a tiny pinch of kosher salt. You can add some whole grain rice. Have a bowl of berries or other fruit for dessert.
  • Step 11. Enjoy your evening with family and/or a positive book. 
  • Step 12. Go to bed a little early again and repeat positive affirmations as you fall asleep.

Enjoy Your Health Day!!
Warm Regards, Dr. D.
(June 28, 2012)

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