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Two Keys to ... Staying Strong!

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on December 19, 2016

Muscle retention is key for mobility and burning calories. As we age there is a decline in the muscle amount in our bodies but there are ways to slow the process.
Exercise: Weight training is the best way to keep muscle on. It's best to start early in life since muscle mass starts to decline in our late 30's, but it's never too late. Several studies have shown vastly improved abilities of getting out of a chair, and other daily activities for seniors. The added benefit is bone mass increases to prevent osteoporosis. Even blood sugar is positively affected. 
Swimming does not cut it! Even though swimming is great for other aspects of health it appears to have little impact on bone mass and muscle mass.
You gotta walk before you can run. Both are great weight bearing exercises but if you are able to run DO IT! 
Protein: Typical western diets are high in carbs in the morning and then high in protein at dinner time. Did you know that you can only use a certain amount of protein per meal. You do not get the benefit of the daily protein if it's all at dinner. It will be burned off or stored as fat. That's why it is so important to have protein at breakfast. Shun the cereal box and enjoy a free range egg in the morning. Dairy, organic chicken and wild fish should round out your typical day. There's a reason I choose these ones. They are the richest in leucine. Leucine is an amino acid that is particularly important in retaining muscle mass after 40 years of age. 
Whey is OK! These are powders that can be put in with berries on your non-egg mornings. 
Timing: You will get the most benefit from good protein sources after a workout. That's when the body signals to convert it into muscle. Makes sense, our genetics would dictate that the reason you were working so hard huffing and puffing is that you chasing a gazelle! After you catch it you eat it and build muscle for the next chase.
Remember... It's the combination of the two that build muscle. Exercise then eat meat (or tonnes of vegetable protein). 
Keys to Staying Strong
For more detailed information drop by our office. We have RDA's and tables with types of food to eat and the top leucine containing foods. 
P.S., it's ok if you're not a client of our office, all health seekers are welcome! Next weeks topic, Acid forming foods and Alkaline forming foods. Get ready to put lemon in your water!
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