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Why Greek Yogurt?

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on December 19, 2016

Lots of products are using the term "Greek" when describing their product. It may be because magazine articles are talking about celebs eating it as a healthy snack. It is, of course, being incorrectly used in most cases. The most comical one I saw lately in the grocery store was a breakfast cereal claiming to have Greek yogurt in it. As far as I could tell from the ingredients they threw a dash of protein powder in and called it Greek. That does not cut it guys!
Real Greek yogurt is superior to other yogurts because it has double the protein. Also, Greek yogurts that are 0% fat often have a rich creamy texture which is quite satisfying. 
I like brands such as Liberte, Danone Oikos and Logo (organic versions). I would choose 0% to 2% (see below for the benefits of organic milk fat) but when it comes to the full fat for a treat make sure you keep the portion size to a couple tablespoons, use a small spoon and eat it slow!
Pair an organic 2% plain yogurt with some berries in the morning and you've got a great start to your day.
Dr. Darrell

(Oct 1, 2013)

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