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Fees, Insurance and Payment Plans

We gladly accept Alberta Blue Cross, Great West Life, Green Shield, Chamber of Commerce, Cowan Insurance, Desjardins, Industrial Alliance, Johnson Group, Manulife Financial, Maximum Benefit/ Johnston Group, Standard Life and Sun Life Financial. Teachers Benefits are also direct billed. For all other plans we can provide a receipt anytime for reimbursement. We do provide administrative discounts for pre-payments.

Our fees reflect our level of service; exams are thorough and include many tests that very few offices provide. X-rays and nerve scans are included in the Initial Examination fee.*

*As of April 1st 2020, Alberta Health Services will now longer cover x-rays. Radiographs (x-rays) start at $68 per region. Receipts will be provided for your insurance.

Summerside Chiropractic Fees

  • Initial Examination: $150.00
  • Office Visit: $59.00
  • 10 Visit package: $560.00 (56.00/visit)
  • 20 Visit package: $1060.00 (53.00/visit)
  • Re-Exam (sEMG plus treatment): $95.00
  • Nutritional Consultation/Analysis: $150.00

Summerside Chiropractic is pleased to offer 20.00 off your initial exam if you use our online forms. We also offer a 5% or 10% administrative discount for patients who pre-pay for their first phase of care. Any unused portion is always refundable.

Our first visit objective is to determine if we can help you attain your health goals. You will not be charged for the first visit if we determine a referral to a different health care professional is more appropriate for your condition.

The above offers are designed to improve efficiency in the administrative portion of our practice and help make it affordable for families to stay well together.

Summerside Pedorthists Fees

  • Initial Assessment: $60.00 + gst
  • Orthotics: $450.00*
    • *If patient orders Orthotics, Fee is $510.00 no gst


  • Patients will require a prescription from a physician or qualified healthcare provider.
  • Payment will be due the day of the appointment. Insurance documents will be provided on the day of Orthotic pickup.


  • 45 Minute Assessment & Treatment plan:
    • Evaluation of symptoms, range of motion, gait, and current footwear.
    • Footwear recommendations or custom foot orthotics may be discussed.
    • Please bring 2-3 pairs of shoes or the pair you will be wearing most
  • Orthotic Pickup: 15 Minutes
    • Standard turnaround is 2 weeks or 10 business days
  • Orthotic Adjustements: 15 Minutes
    • If a greater adjustement is required, Aaron may need to take the orthotic to his shop, which means they would have to pick up at another date.