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What To Expect

Initial Visit

  • We recommend our new patients to arrive 10 minutes early to fill out health history forms or fill them out online!

  • You will be guided to an exam room by one of our Chiropractic Office Assistants. The COA will perform appropriate pre-exam tests.
  • The Doctor will go over your entire health history with you and discuss your concerns and health goals.

  • An examination will follow which will include completely safe sEMG and thermal scans. The examination will also include range of motion, reflexes and other neurological tests as your situation requires. The purpose of this thorough exam is to be sure that yours is a case for chiropractic care and, if it is, to start care with the correct procedures. If you require a referral to a medical doctor or other healthcare provider instead of, or in addition to chiropractic care it will happen at this early stage.

  • Following the examination x-rays are usually ordered. This will help determine that it is indeed safe to proceed with treatment on the next visit. If you are pregnant (a very common time to start care) or have already had x-rays please inform your Chiropractor.

  • This will conclude your initial visit which will have taken 45 minutes. Future visits are much shorter, usually 5 – 15 minutes.

If you are ready to live life at a higher level, call our office and schedule your appointment today!