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What makes us different?

  • Thorough exams to uncover the cause of symptoms.

Even though most people come with a specific concerns, some want to also uncover hidden health problems that may effect their health in the future. We preform nerve scans on every patient and x-rays on most, to find everything we can to make your health better now and in the future.

  • On Time and Efficient Appointments.

Before becoming a Chiropractor, Dr. Darrell was a chiropractic patient. He always appreciated being seen in a timely fashion and having efficient, informative appointments. We understand busy lives, and value your time.

  • Wellness Love!

Once People get well, they like to stay well. We offer Wellness Care plans that include nutritional plans, exercise recommendations and periodic nerve scans to ensure you are maximizing your HEALTH now and in the future.

Our Clinics offer the following:

  • Thorough exams that include all scans and x-rays to evaluate more than just the "achy part".
  • Friendly and courteous staff.
  • Professional and comfortable atmosphere.
  • Large private treatment rooms.
  • Convenient location and parking.
  • Secondary evaluations.
  • M.D. and attorney referrals.
  • Most insurance accepted; we do all the paperwork.

We look after your whole health by optimizing nervous system function, diet, exercise and even lifestyle.