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The Doctors

Dr. Darrell J. Morin, B Sc, DC

Welcome to my bio! I graduated from U of Alberta with a B.Sc. in biochemistry. I loved biochemistry so much I almost pursued a career in it. After some thought I realized I enjoyed working with people much more than microscopes. I still find that background very helpful when counseling patients on nutrition. There is so much misinformation out there. A solid science background helps one separate the wheat from the chaff quickly when providing nutrition advice. I then went to chiropractic school in Portland Oregon. I really enjoyed my four years there; great school and lots of hiking, swimming and mountain biking.

I have been in practice here at South Edmonton Chiropractic for 25 years and love it. There is a tremendous void in common sense in our society as it relates to issues in nutrition, physical activity and life style. It's great to be able to fill that gap in knowledge with information that is not influenced by drug companies or selling a product. We do carry a few common supplements but mostly I refer to other practitioners or stores where services or products can be accessed if required.

In my off time I like to train for triathlons and have completed several small triathlons and three Iron Man events; two in Canada and once at the World Championships in Kona Hawaii. Priorities have shifted to my wife Sarah and our three boys in recent years. My more senior patients and long time wellness clients are quick to point out that children don't stay young for long so cherish every moment. I feel blessed to have such wonderful people who come to our office and for all the advice I often receive in return!

Hope you enjoy the rest of the website. If we seem like a good fit for your health care needs then I'll see you soon; if not, feel free to ask a question on-line or sign up for the health tips that are updated every month. The part of our website that I love the most is the Wellness Blog. I really love researching health topics and sharing them with people. I find that I don't always have time to tell each patient all that they may benefit from (plus it's a tad boring repeating the same thing). The wellness section changes every week or two and is usually focused on nutrition. They are great and may enhance or even save your life or the life of someone you love, so pass it on.

Warm Regards, Dr. Darrell


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Dr. Boston Langley, B Sc, DC, CSCS

Dr. Boston Langley was born and raised in Edmonton, playing both hockey and baseball during his youth. Seizing an opportunity to play baseball in the United States, Dr. Langley took flight to Kansas, playing in the Jayhawk Baseball Conference. This opportunity led Dr. Langley to receive a scholarship to Rollins College in Winter Park, Florida. Throughout his career however, Dr. Langley was plagued with injuries which were only managed and maintained through the help of Chiropractic Upon graduating with a Bachelor of Science degree, Dr. Langley trained high level athletes at a sports performance clinic in Orlando, Florida. It was there he observed consistent dysfunctional movement that only seemed to be corrected when his clients saw a Chiropractor. This pushed Dr. Langley to pursue his Doctor of Chiropractic degree at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Port Orange, Florida.

It is through personal and professional experience that Dr. Langley derives his passion for not only correcting but maintaining proper spinal alignment. This helps to maintain proper neurological function to the muscles and organs of the human body, decreasing the overall stress on the patient's body and nervous system. Chiropractors are spinal specialists, capable of assessing and removing interference from the nervous system, promoting optimal health and wellness for the patient. If you feel that muscular dysfunction due to nerve interference is impacting your day to day quality of life or athletic pursuits, Chiropractic care is the change that your body needs.


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Dr. Max Dekterov, B Sc, DC

An Edmonton local, Dr. Max Dekterov earned his Bachelor of Science at the University of Alberta. He then moved across the country to achieve his dream of becoming a chiropractor at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in Toronto.

Dr. Dekterov is specialized in several different types of treatments:

 - Diversified chiropractic technique
 - Thompson Chiropractic Technique
 - Postural training
 - The S.M.A.R.T. Rehabilitation System
 - Mckenzie Institute Rehabilitation System

Dr. Dekterov's patients exceed their recovery expectations with the most up-to-date, effective and customized health care plans.

He is well-versed in treating many conditions. All types of injuries can be treated, from acute to chronic spinal dysfunctions and sports injuries. He has cared for Olympic athletes, weekend warrior, recreational cyclists and runners of all levels. He is also very passionate in treating whole families and kids as young as 1 years old.

Dr. Dekterov's therapy style combines evidence-based chiropractic care with active rehabilitation. Other areas of interest include Graston, custom foot orthotics, myofascial release and sports-specific nutrition.

Practicing what he preaches to his patients, Dr. Dekterov spends his spare time going to seminars to fine-tune his skills, does a great deal of self-directed learning, and attends community meetings and educational talks. He is part of the BNI Alberta North Triumph Chapter where he works with other likeminded businesses to create opportunities for hard working Albertans. He participates daily in physical activities such as powerlifting, yoga, rock climbing, road cycling and cross-country skiing. To stay on top of his health and nervous system function, he receives regular chiropractic care, massage and acupuncture.

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The Staff

Serena Luxford, Summerside Office Manager

After completing the Medical Business Administration program Serena jumped at the opportunity to be a part of our team. She has been a patient of Chiropractic for 10 years and has been working with South Centre Chiropractic since 2009. She prides herself in helping patients achieve their optimum level of wellness in any way she can. Since joining our team, Serena has attended multiple Chiropractic conferences and seminars to further her education in the chiropractic and wellness field. In her spare time Serena loves fishing, gardening and reading.

Ellie Smits, Chiropractic Assistant

Ellie Smits has been a long time patient of Chiropractic and a Chiropractic Assistant for over 7 years, she is curently in a program at Grant MacEwan for Speech Pathology inspired by chiropractic and the bodies connection together. Health but more than health-Vitality and the expression of it, is a passion for Ellie seeing people move towards wellness through their health journey matters to her.

In her free time she likes to travel, workout, and watch movies, you may also find her curled up at home practsing her ukulele and, spending time with her husband and family.

Alicia James, Chiropractic Assistant

Alicia is a Hospital Unit Clerk with an Office Administration background. She has been a long-time patient of Chiropractic and is excited to be a part of such a passionate Wellness team. Alicia played a few different competitive sports growing up and knows firsthand how important Chiropractic Adjustments can be to maintain a healthy/active body.

Alicia moved to Alberta from Vancouver Island in 2014 and enjoys getting outside to reset every chance she gets; whether it be off to the mountains to snowboard or hike, the river valley with her dog, or to a nearby lake for some boating; there's a good chance you will find her soaking up the sun on her days off!

Sherisse Schindel, Chiropractic Assistant

A Southeast Saskatchewan native, Sherisse and her family settled into the Edmonton area over 19 years ago and are still happily calling it home. She has a vast background in Office Administration, Health, Movement and Wellness Coaching while currently, working towards her Holistic Nutrition Certification. Having worked in the health field now for a few years, she is extremely excited to deepen her passion for helping others through health and wellness with the South Centre and Summerside Chiropractic Team! 
When not at work, you can find Sherisse creating new recipes, adventuring outdoors, practicing and teaching Pilates. She is a people person who loves filling her time with meaningful time spent with family and friends. She enjoys learning new things, volunteering, water skiing, volleyball, dance, golfing and travelling.