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Getting a Great Sleep

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on December 19, 2016

The problems with pills are numerous. They get approved for short term use and people take them for years because they don't learn to correct the underlying problems. They have several daytime side effects including dizziness, impaired mental function and poor muscle coordination. Increased chance of fractures and serious falls is the result. There are cases of fatal falls which can be attributed to sleeping pill use.

Here's how to get a good sleep.
1. Get exercise during the day at least four times per week, preferably not right before bed. Ideally with some light exposure.
2. Some people can consume caffeine and still sleep OK but most can not. It's a good idea to avoid it in all forms if you are having trouble falling asleep. Alcohol may help you get to sleep but it's a more fragmented poor quality sleep. Eating before bed is definitely not a good idea. You can curb this habit by having some herbal tea instead.
3. Keep a pencil and paper beside your bed for concerns, worries or to-do lists so you can write them down instead of making sure you remember them for the next day. Get them out of your head and on some paper instead!
4. Stay away from screens at least a half hour before bed. The bedroom is for two things only and one of them is sleep. It's not for watching TV, checking e-mail or making phone calls.
5. Go to bed only when you are feeling sleepy. If you don't fall asleep within 20 mins then get up and do something soothing like reading a book with fairly dim light until you are sleepy again. Do not eat, or look at screens. Herbal tea or warm milk is OK.
6. Visualize a relaxed feeling starting in your toes and slowly moving into your feet then ankles and so on. It should take about 5 mins to move that relaxed feeling into your face, eyes and forehead. Another trick I've used is visualizing slowly walking down a set of stairs. It's a set of ten stairs with hand rail on both sides. The stairs are covered in a white carpet and I watch myself descending down each stair one at a time. If I get to the bottom I drift through to another set of stairs and descend those ones. I'm getting sleepy just thinking about it!!
If you're in a tough cycle of insomnia then making yourself go to bed an hour or two after your desired bedtime can break the habit. Be sure to do relaxing activities such as reading a positive book, meditating/praying, being grateful for all that you have and/or listening to soothing music during the extra wake time then implement the above strategies.
Good Night,
Dr. Darrell


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