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Mental Health and Wellness – How to Achieve and Maintain It

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on February 3, 2020

Mental Health & Wellness in Edmonton Alberta Millions of people around the world suffer from mental health issues. 

Depression and anxiety are on the rise. Causes can include chemical imbalances, diet/lifestyle, and other external causes.

Your mental wellness is important – just as important as your physical health. What can you do to protect and even improve it?

How to Improve Your Mental Health: Exercise in Edmonton and Other Tips

Your mental health has a profound effect on your daily life and relationships. If you’re feeling stressed out or depressed, it seems impossible to nurture relationships and achieve your goals. 

Thankfully, you can improve your mental wellness with these steps that might go hand-in-hand with some of your New Year’s resolutions. 

  • Exercise – Daily exercise in Edmonton is great if you want to lose weight and get fit. Exercise can lower stress and anxiety and release hormones that make you feel happier. 
  • Set Realistic Resolutions – It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement of goal setting and end up setting unrealistic goals. Focus on specific, achievable goals. You’re more likely to reach them, which will make you feel happier. 
  • Spend Time Being Quiet – People are super busy and always attached to their phones. The more noise there is, the more stress you will feel. Spend 10-60 minutes each day deep breathing, journaling, and/or meditating

The New Year’s Buzz Will Wear Off – and That’s Okay 

After a few weeks or months, the New Year’s buzz tends to wear off, and people start to feel stuck again, especially if they’re not achieving their New Year’s resolutions. 

If this happens to you – don’t beat yourself up. It’s not your fault if you can’t stay as happy and motivated in March as you were in January. 

Find ways to improve your mood – spend time with friends, exercise, etc. – and you’ll improve your chances of having a happy and healthy new year

Pain can take a toll on how you feel emotionally as well as physically. Contact Summerside Chiropractic at 780-705-0991 or South Centre Clinic at 780-432-1400 or schedule an evaluation. We can help!

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