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Multi-Grain Myths

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on December 19, 2016

I am hard on wheat because in our culture we tend to eat way too much of it, especially refined wheat (white flour). I often ask patients if they eat whole grains and they often answer, "For sure, I only eat multigrain or brown bread". That's what really gets me hot under the collar, not at my patient but at the marketers of bread. People are really trying to do the right thing for their body and the companies are tricking them into thinking they are. As usual you have to read the fine print to get the truth. Only about 10% of products that have "Whole Grain" in their large print actually have it in their small print too!
Why is it so brown? They colour it with molasses and put a sprinkle of whole grain in the white flour so they can claim on the front "Whole Grain!" That's crazy isn't it!?? I personally find it completely unethical. The customer takes it home eats it and thinks, "this good for me and it tastes good, I will buy this again". Problem is, it's not good for her. It's missing the bran and the germ (seed). The bran makes it filling and slow to digest and the germ has all the nutrients of a "whole grain". These are the items that help prevent obesity, diabetes, chronic inflammation and heart disease. 
So how can you be sure your getting Whole Grains. You have to get the magnifying glass out and read. The first ingredient has to have the word "whole" in front of whatever grain it is. Also look at the second ingredient because you want to see that, if there's a second grain, it is also "whole". Don't get tricked by words like "enriched", "unbleached", "durum", "cracked", "organic", or "bran". These are not healthy alternatives to whole grains.
Personally, I buy black rye bread. There are different types so you can experiment. Once your palate gets used to whole grains you'll never go back. Then you can enjoy all the other health benefits that go along with it.
Keep Having Fun, Dr. Darrell

 (April 9, 2013)

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