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Running outside this winter? Experts share hot tips for cool temps!

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on January 5, 2021

A Super article today on CBC that we wanted to share! As you know Dr. Darrell is a avid runner - Summer, Winter, Rain or Shine he's out there. So here are some additional tips from Dr. D.
Lots of great tips there for winter running. An option instead of changing shoes; one can wear a marino blend sock to keep feet warm and put on some anti slip products like Yaktrax if it's icy. If it’s below -5C technical underwear too! Under wear that is a technical polyester for -5, marino blend for -10 and marino with a wind blocker front for -15. It will be your personal preference at where your cut off is temperature wise but once you get it dialled close you can just unzip your jacket. I have a couple jackets and all them have venting that is easy to adjust on the go. It makes a dramatic difference going into the wind or with it so adjustability is important. A technical hat (toque) and gloves are also important. And don’t forget eye wear. The glare off snow can be especially hard on the eyes. Get good protection that has plastic, not metal arms and a good rubber nose piece.
~Dr. Darrell
What's in your run bag?
Thermo Socks
Merino Top
Windproof Jacket 
Windproof Pants (and windproof underwear!)
Tuque & Gloves
Sunglasses with Rubber arms & nosepads
Running shoes with YakTrax!
and a Summerside Chiro Buff to keep you warm (& use as a mask if need be!) 
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