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Vitamin D, Are you Getting Enough!

Written By South Centre Chiropractic Clinic & Summerside Chiropractic on December 19, 2016

Is this just the next "flavor of the month" vitamin? I'm always so wary to recommend a pill or potion when simply eating properly would be fine. Before I get into why it's an exception let me clear up some of the claims I've heard in the news.
When they say "linked with" or "associated with" you've got to be careful because there are so many other factors. Examples include Low Vitamin D associated or linked with a double risk of death from cardiovascular disease (CVD) or increased depression in people aged 65 to 95. Complicating factors are numerous. Vitamin D is found in foods that are good for you in other ways therefore it may be other components in the food that prevent CVD or depression. I would also venture a guess that a 70 year old who is getting outside (in the sun getting Vitamin D) for walks is also more likely to be happy. 
Having cleared the air about that, Vitamin D does seem to be standing out consistently in the literature as a good item to supplement. There's a couple reasons for this:
1. We are not outside as much as we were in the last thousands of years of evolution. We evolved to be in the sun but instead we are cooped up in front of TV's and computers. Another factor is our latitude. We have very few weeks in the year where we actually get Vitamin D conversion in the skin. I spoke with one researcher (Dr. Joel Pins from NW University) who says we likely don't get any Vitamin D from the sun at this latitude!
2. It's difficult to get natural sources. Salmon and mackerel have about 350 IU's. Fortified orange juice and milk only have about 100 IU's per 8 ounces.
3. There is good literature to suggest that supplementing Vitamin D is good for bones, balance and immune system function. All very good reasons.
When supplementing be careful. I've had patients come in to say that their doctor told them to just take two of their multivitamin... TERRIBLE IDEA! The person ends up doubling not only the Vitamin D but also the Vitamin A. Vitamin A and D should not be taken together. I personally use Vitamin D drops! I line up the oatmeal or whatever everyone is having for breakfast in the morning give my wife and I 2000 IU's each and the boys get 400 IU's. We don't take a multivitamin, we eat right.
Good Health to you! Dr. Darrell

(October 9, 2012)

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